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All candidates debate Sept. 20 in Chelsea

Équité Outaouais is hosting an all candidates debate in Chelsea Sept. 20 at 7 p.m.

Candidates in the Gatineau riding are gearing up to go head to head on healthcare, education, environment, economic development and social justice during the only local debate in the Hills on Sept. 20 in Chelsea.

Non-partisan civic organization Équité Outaouais is hosting a series of debates between Sept. 12 and 20 at various locations throughout the riding, with the candidates duking it out at 7 p.m. Sept. 20 at the Meredith Centre.

The candidates will spar on 10 questions that will touch on healthcare underfunding in the Outaouais, access to daycare, education, public transportation and affordable housing.

The candidates will also be asked about immigration and how Quebec can best protect its culture and language.

Each candidate will spend 30 minutes on the various themes, including health and childcare, Quebec-Canada relations, culture, heritage, diversity and immigration. Audience members will also have 15 minutes per question to ask the candidates questions.

The candidates will be asked a total of 10 questions throughout the evening from the moderator.

The all-candidates debate starts at 7 p.m. Sept. 20 at the Meredith Centre.

Équité Outaouais has invited all candidates to the debate, but by press time, the Low Down could not confirm who would be in attendance.

Quebecers head to the polls Oct. 3.


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