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  • Nikki Mantell

Back to school is better

These words may never pass my lips again as a parent: “I’m so glad I live in Quebec.”

But watching Ontario as it waffles between remote learning, return to class or a hybrid of both, I want to get down on my knees in gratitude for Quebec’s single plan of full-time return for students up to Grade 10. Parental burn-out (which has moved beyond exhausted to dangerously dysfunctional for many parents) aside, there are solid reasons behind Quebec’s return to class.

Most important: kids’ mental health will suffer if they are kept at home. There are a number of studies that come with clear and direct recommendations to get kids out of their houses and into learning centres with their peers and teachers, including one penned by doctors from SickKids hospital in Toronto, CHEO in Ottawa, and another from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Another huge reason: the economy. The equation is simple: parents at home = parents who can’t work = an economy that can’t recover.