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  • Stuart Benson

‘Best four minutes of my life’

CAHL action gets intense at Meredith Centre

By Lou Spuck

Parking in Chelsea is a nightmare.

Just ask Musie Loop Trailblazers captain Neil Parry, who claims that opposing player Ron Sloan was “parallel parked” in front of the net when the tying goal bounced off his shoulder and slid past goaltender Joel-Denis Bellavance.

“The Trailblazers for a second straight week met their goal of achieving league equilibrium by permitting the other opposing force, the Pirates, to strike balance with a tying goal in the last minute,” said a well-spoken Parry following the game.

His Trailblazers drew a 3-3 tie to the Pirates, their second tie in as many games. The captain was definitely disappointed for blowing yet another late lead, but he admitted to being “pretty pumped” to be interviewed by this newspaper.

“Will this be before or after the classifieds section?” he asked with a boyish smile.

Pirates Captain Ron “Fancy Feet” Sloan rejected the claim, noting that science would prove it impossible for him to score from such a position. It’s important to note that Sloan is a teacher.