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  • Hunter Cresswell

Bill 96 a ‘cruelty of enormous magnitude’

Non-historic anglos won’t qualify for English health and social services

Masham resident Andrew Salkeld was born and raised in England and has lived full-time in the Gatineau Hills since 1992, but is not an “historic anglophone” according to Quebec Premier François Legault.

This means that, if Bill 96 is passed as written, he wouldn’t qualify to receive provincial health, legal, education, and more services in his mother tongue.

If he wanted to fight a traffic ticket, he would have to do it all in French.

If he was arrested, he couldn’t request a trial in English.

If he ended up in the hospital, he would be denied service in English.

These hypotheticals could become reality for not only Salkeld, but for all non-historic anglos across the Gatineau Hills and, according to the Quebec Community Groups Network’s count, between 300,000 and 500,000 in English-speaking communities across Quebec.