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  • Stuart Benson

Boy builds birdhouses, business booms

When Corin Leclair, 15, started building birdhouses with his dad, Eric, in March, it was just a way for Eric to keep his son busy in between schoolwork while stuck at home because of COVID-19.

“My dad and I were originally just building some for our backyard, and then we made a few more and gave them away as gifts to our neighbours,” Corin explained. “Some of them gave us money for them.”

That was when Leclair’s dad decided to make a Facebook post in the Wakefield/Chelsea Folks groups, as well as their neighbourhood group Radapaw Connections, and soon enough, his son had sold over 50 birdhouses.

“From mine and his mother's perspective, it's a good opportunity to learn a few skills like math and woodworking, plus basic ideas of marketing and calculating costs,” Eric explained.

“Next thing you know, he's busy in the garage building more because the orders just keep coming in.”
Corin Leclair, 15, working in his garage building birdhouses. Photo courtesy Corin Leclair
Photo courtesy of Corin Leclair

One of the first birdhouses Corin gave as a gift was to his neighbours, Yan and Glynis Peters, who live across the street and are Corin’s “defacto uncle and aunt” according to Eric.