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  • Hunter Cresswell

Chelsea approves $458K trail contract

The municipality of Chelsea pulled a 180.

Instead of the public works department surfacing the community trail with stone dust, which was the previous council and mayor’s stated intentions, the work will be done by outside contractors.

This was revealed during the April 5 Chelsea council meeting when the present council unanimously voted to award a $458,985 contract to L’Ange-Gardien-based Les Pavages Lafleur & Fils Inc. Ward 5 Coun. Rita Jain and Ward 1 Coun. Enrico Valente were absent. Council considered four other offers, ranging between $569,816 to $932,332, but it went with the lowest bidder.

During an October 2020 meeting, then-mayor Caryl Green said that the stone dust would be applied by municipal workers to save on costs.

When the Low Down asked Mayor Pierre Guénard for the reason behind this about-face, he said that the Public Works department has its hands full with other work, but he’d look into it further. He didn’t offer any other reason before the publishing deadline.