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  • Hunter Cresswell

Chelsea council adopts draft master plan

After over two years, Chelsea council finally adopted the municipality’s revised draft master plan.

Council – except for Ward 1 Coun. Enrico Valente, who couldn’t attend – unanimously presented, tabled and adopted seven separate draft bylaws that make up the new master plan during a Zoom meeting on March 28, which about 30 people participated in.

This master plan includes: doubled setbacks for buildings near rivers and wetlands; an urban perimeter for Farm Point; restricted new road construction; more dense residential development to protect greenspace; more types of housing; concentrated commercial development in urban perimeters, and more.

Master plans are the guiding planning documents for municipalities and MRCs. The MRC des Collines adopted its revised master plan in early 2020, which kicked off the municipal master plan revision process for all of its municipalities.

“This is a key policy document for the municipality,” Ward 6 Coun. Kimberly Chan said during the meeting. “There’s not a more important one.”

All councillors said that the plan isn’t perfect, but is ready for the public to review it and provide feedback.