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  • Hunter Cresswell

Chelsea gives NCC ultimatum

Council threatens to take NCC to federal court

Chelsea council wants the National Capital Commission to make up its mind.

During the Oct. 5 council meeting, council unanimously approved a resolution mandating Chelsea’s lawyer to send the NCC a formal notice, which gives the crown corporation 10 days to make a decision in the ongoing payment in lieu of tax dispute. The resolution also states that Chelsea will take this dispute to federal court.

“For a municipality of 7,500 residents, the financial burden is enormous and it is the residents who must assume this loss of revenue,” Mayor Caryl Green said during the virtual council meeting, which was attended by almost 30 people.

According to the municipality, the NCC owes the municipality $1.4 million in payments in lieu of taxes – or PILT – for Gatineau Park properties within the municipal borders since 2018. PILT is money owed instead of taxes that would be due if the property was privately owned.