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Chelsea taxes up 3.5%

Taxes will increase by 3.5 per cent for Chelsea residents in 2023.

The tax increase is spurred by inflation, according to the municipality. It is also going up due to what the municipality calls a “growing need” to fund services and maintain infrastructure. In the new year, the tax rate will be 0.7934 per $100 for residents, and 1.1902 per $100 for businesses and other non-residential properties.

“The tax increase was inevitable due, in particular, to inflation, which has increased significantly this year. I believe, however, that we have succeeded in finding the right balance between our vision and our ability to pay,” said Chelsea Mayor Pierre Guénard about the tax increase.

With this $25 million budget, which was further discussed at the Dec. 20 extraordinary council meeting, the municipality said it will allocate $450,000 towards improving its resident services and will hire six new employees that will aid municipal government. Municipal workers will also create a new emergency communications tool, which will amalgamate all communications services to better alert Chelsea residents about incoming storms, power outages, and boil water advisories, among other emergencies.

Of the $25 million budget, the municipality will spend $227,000 to protect the environment and fight against climate change. With some of this money, Chelsea plans to develop an environmental conservation plan and a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also use the money to treat contaminated soil on its territory.

In this budget, the local government will spend $356,000 on the improvement of municipal infrastructure and $161,000 on a variety of projects, including a Farm Point urban development plan and public consultations on public parks and green sites.

“Despite its small size, Chelsea has already proven over the years that they are positioned as a leader in the fight against climate change. With this budget, we are continuing in this spirit of continuity with several projects that will complement the actions already in place and start new initiatives,” said Guénard.


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