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Chelsea Ward 6 councillor ‘does the right thing’

The editor,

Thank you for the news on the upcoming municipal elections inChelsea. Yes indeed there will be a great deal of turnover. I am pleased to learn from your article that Kimberly Chan is seeking to return to be our councillor in Ward 6. Your reporter mentions that she represents Hollow Glen, but in fact she represents a much larger area, as Ward 6 includes the Mine, Link and Notch road sectors, as well as Kingsmere.

I would like to thank and commend Ms. Chan for her principled stand at Chelsea’s September council meeting. At that meeting, she defended the public’s interest in

opposing the sale of an important parcel of our municipal land in the Centre Village to the Hendrick Farm developers. Her strong statement on that occasion is an example of what municipal councillors should stand for when they are carrying out their public duty on our behalf. Sadly, there were not enough votes to defeat the motion to sell this land. It is not always easy to, ‘do the right thing’ and speak up for the interest of Chelsea’s residents.

Meriel Beament Bradford

Chelsea, QC

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