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  • Hunter Cresswell

Controversial dock bylaw tabled, now online

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

By Hunter Cresswell

Update: The dock bylaw appeared on the Chelsea municipal website on the afternoon of Aug. 6. To read it visit,

Original story posted Aug. 5:

The Chelsea council tabled the controversial draft bylaw governing docks along the Gatineau River at its Aug. 4 meeting, but the public still doesn’t know what it says.

Mayor Caryl Green previously told The Low Down that she “hoped” the draft bylaw would be tabled at the August meeting, and when later asked for an advanced copy of the legislation, Green told this reporter that it would be made public in the agenda, which is posted online a few days before the meeting. However, when the agenda was posted to the municipal website late last week — it made no mention of the draft bylaw. Rather, as the council adopted the agenda for the August meeting, Green announced that the draft dock bylaw had been added to the agenda.

“The [dock bylaw] committee that was working on the docks bylaw presented its recommendation to the council last week. There were comments from the council and the committee continued to work on the draft bylaw and it wasn’t on the agenda last week because we waited; the majority of council members said they wanted it brought forward in order to go to consultation. So it wasn’t in the [agenda] packet on the website, but it will be on the website as early as tomorrow morning or tomorrow through the day,” Green explained during the meeting.