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  • Madeline Kerr

Cupid-crazed councillors cut the cake

Chelsea’s councillors aren’t just feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, they’re officiating it. 

At a meeting on Feb. 6, the municipality officially recognized that Farm Point Coun. Rita Jain and Tenaga Coun. Cybèle Wilson are now designated to perform wedding ceremonies. 

Enrico Valente, councillor for South Chelsea, also holds the designation. 

In Quebec, any municipal councillor or mayor can obtain the right to officiate a wedding if they file an application with the Directeur de l’état civil, according to the Government of Quebec’s website. 

Coun. Wilson explained she has a very special and personal reason for seeking this designation: her son, Zachary Coombs, who grew up in Chelsea, will be marrying his fiancée, Ana Émelie Colindres, this summer, and his mom will be the celebrant at their wedding. 

“It has been such a privilege to watch this wonderful couple’s love blossom through four years of a long-distance relationship,” Wilson told the Low Down.  She explained: “Zachary lives in Vancouver because he is on the men’s national field hockey team and attending UBC, while Émelie lives in Gatineau working and studying full time in the field of mental health.”  

She added: “I plan to somehow get through the ceremony without shedding happy tears as their celebrant!” 

Coun. Jain explained that in her case she wants to be “a pro-active cupid.”  

“There is some love burgeoning in couples around me,” she said. “It is an honour and pleasure to have the opportunity to provide this joyful offering in the near future.”

She added that any loved ones in her life who might be reading this should know there’s no pressure. “This has nothing to do with my desire to be a grandmother and auntie. Really!” she insisted. Chelseaites looking for an officiant for their upcoming wedding can now take their pick: All three councillors vote in favour of love. 


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