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Deadpool's April Fools

‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds eyeing Chelsea properties

If you were in Chelsea this weekend, you wouldn't have had to look up to see stars. Canadian actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds was in the area scoping out prospective houses.

Real Estate agent Erica Bernstein of The Agency had the honour of showing Reynolds a few properties in the area.

“With the possibility of the purchase of the Ottawa Senators, Mr. Reynolds is looking for a home base closer to the team,” said Bernstein. The Hollywood superstar is partnering up with Toronto based real-estate developer The Remington Group, which is expected to make a bid to buy the Ottawa NHL team.

“I didn’t even know it was him when the request for a showing came in,” added Bernstein. “It was under the name Wade Wilson. I had thought the name was familiar, but didn’t put two and two together.”

For those of you who are not familiar with the “Deadpool” film series, Wade Wilson is Reynolds' lead character in the super-hero movies.

When asked about the actor's personality, Bernstein said: “He was exactly what I thought he would be like — very down to earth, funny and hot as hell. They are very definitely wrong when they say that the camera adds 10 pounds.”

While trying to contain her fangirlism, Bernstein brought Reynolds to see at least two houses that are listed in Chelsea, as well as a few lots. The exact addresses were not shared with the Low Down to protect the star’s privacy.

Seeing as The Remington Group is a developer, it makes sense that Reynolds would consider building a home, according to Bernstein, who told the Low Down that Reynolds is looking for a multi-generational home of over 3,000 square feet. Current bylaws in Chelsea do not allow such buildings, but variances are always coming up at council, so there is a possibility for something custom to be built for the “Deadpool” star.

However, Bernstein said she does not have high hopes that Chelsea will get such a high profile resident.

“While Mr. Reynolds seemed to like the area, he is ultimately looking for something more affordable.”

Reynolds has another appointment with Bernstein to look at Rupert homes April 1.

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