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Dragonfly Fest organizer released on bail

David Schubert, 52, has been charged with assault and forcible confinement after he allegedly beat a woman and held her against her will as his yurt near Rupert. He was released on bail with conditions Sept. 21.

David Schubert has been released from jail following a bail hearing in Gatineau Sept. 21.

Schubert, the organizer of the Dragonfly Festival in Wakefield, was charged with assault causing bodily harm, forcible confinement and uttering threats after allegedly beating a woman and holding her against her will at his Usher Road yurt near Rupert on Sept. 15.

The woman escaped to a nearby neighbour and called police. Schubert has been in custody since the incident, but was released on bail Sept. 21 with several conditions.

Among the conditions, Schubert has been ordered to refrain from consuming drugs and alcohol, including cannabis, and he is not allowed to contact the victim in any way.

Schubert will reappear in court Oct. 4.

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