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Fall fire prevention has to start earlier

The Editor,

Many thanks to the Diaz family for sharing their experience. Having stayed in West Kelowna in 2004 and witnessed the aftermath of the Okanagan Mountain Park fire and having driven Hwy 97 to my destination, (“Wakefield family recalls ‘surreal’ fire evac,” Aug. 30) Logan Lake is a town that took advantage of a grant by the BC government to clean up the forest area in and around their town. It has paid dividends to its residents over the years.

The last forest cleanup in Cantley that I can remember was during the ice storm many, many, many years ago. Climate change has not affected our region so far, but that is no guarantee that it won’t in the future.

Fire prevention week is in October — too late! In light of climate change, it should be starting in May until the snow flies. An informed public is a start.

Brian Thomas

Cantley, QC


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