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Farewell to Café Molo

The Editor,

While driving through the [Wakefield] village last Saturday early morning, I was waved into having a cup of coffee at Molos on the deck overlooking the river…. As it turns out, it was my last cup of coffee there. I didn’t have my usual latte and bagel with smoked salmon, nope! Just a cup of coffee. The artwork was gone; no more clothing filled the veranda; no firewood stacked by the fireplace; none of the usual smiling faces... ; just me and Walter and Titan the village cat.

Bitter sweet — it felt like the place was still in full operation, but that was just a memory, as I sat taking it all in.

Passersby walking dogs or just strolling by — you could tell they too are a part of this ever-so-comfortable environment at Molos; they will miss the connection for sure.

A woman was spotted coming down the … train track (another memory of which felt not so long ago) and she had a walking stick out for a slow walk. Walt quickly spotted her, excused himself from the small coffee group (three of us now and Titan), picked up a pillow, took it to the park across the road and carefully put it on a bench. I noticed he even puffed the pillow to make it more comfortable. The walker sat down and just took in the view for a rest. This was an act of pure kindness! It warmed my soul and also felt sad that this too would end soon.

How lucky we have been to have this amazing community spot to go to and meet with friends, strangers, cats and comforts.

Thank you Molos!

Janice Merrill

Wakefield, QC


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