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  • Stuart Benson

Farm Point quarry project resurfaces

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The view from the top of the Dery Quarry in Farm Point where the owner intends to develop residentially. Photo courtesy Jennifer Haire

By Hunter Cresswell

Some neighbours of the Dery Quarry in Farm Point have seen activity there and have fears about the eventual loss of their unofficial trails on private property, a longtime staple of Gatineau Hills life. The owner said he wants to legitimize those trails by hooking them up with the wider Chelsea trail network, as part of his residential development plans.

Avid readers may recall quarry owner Laurent Dery’s plan to create a housing development on his 70 acres of land. In 2016 he submitted a rezoning request from extraction to residents that would allow for over 100 homes to be built there with a density of two lots per acre, which is twice the density of what’s currently allowed there.

“I have been proactive in discussing and consulting with Farm Point community members about some prospective uses and ideas for the lands,” wrote Dery in an email. “This group was very helpful and many thanks to Mr. [David] Beattie and Claude Gervais for helping organize some of these meetings, which took place a few years ago. I have also discussed potential recreational uses on part of the lands with the municipality and the Chelsea trail network. This site is somewhat my legacy and I want to ensure it will be used by Farm Point res