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  • Hannah Sabourin

Farm point ‘road docks’ on chopping block

Rita Jain tried to save the Farm Point docks.

The Farm Point councillor proposed an amendment to Chelsea’s controversial dock bylaw during the Dec. 6 council meeting that would have protected nine road docks along Chemin de la Rivière from municipalization.

But Chelsea Mayor Pierre Guénard and councillors Christopher Blais and Kimberley Chan voted against the amendment - striking a 3-3 tie - and effectively quashing the proposal. Councillor Cybèle Wilson was absent from the meeting.

During the meeting, Jain argued that the municipalization or removal of docks could cause more harm than good.

“There are plans to create a public dock in Farm Point as well as other access points farther south.

But it will take time given the capacity and resources of the municipality,” said Jain during the meeting. “The first public dock will likely only [be installed] in Farm Point in the summer of 2024 at the earliest, and others will come after that. I feel that there is a gap between the objectives and how we are implementing them. I believe we will be actually removing access before providing access.”

The municipality’s stated purpose for the dock