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Foolproof fan

The Editor,

You can’t fool all your readers! How many typos, you ask, can you find in the 1973 article by Kitty Mantell, “that lead off with an apology … .” While not the lede, this leads into the readers challenge: finding the typos in the quoted article. But you have cleverly incorporated one just before the quote, hidden in plain sight. Devious! This is no accidental typo because, as journalists – rather newsmen – no, newspersons – you of course know well that lead, a heavy metal, is a homonym with the past tense of the verb lead (itself a homonym with lede!), i.e. “led.” But you expect your readers to confuse the two, thus overlooking your secret typo. Some may, but not all of us. Some are onto you.

Anyway, heartiest congratulations on 50 years and on producing the weighty issue to mark the occasion. If you’re offering a special rate for a 50-year subscription, let me know where to sign up.

John Edmond

La Pêche, QC


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