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For the record, I abstained

The Editor,

Various thinkers and ideologies have highlighted three main dimensions of equality, namely political, social and economic. Now, should a property owner be punished by prejudice because her daughter is a sitting member of municipal council. Some believe so [“Did she or did she not abstain?” April 19 edition].

This issue began in 2016 when payments were not applied by employees in the order requested by a professional on behalf of the property owner, keeping interest building on a more valuable piece of land.

The question begs to differ: Was this deliberately done because of past indifferences? The decision made by some citizens to scrutinize every decision made by council is, for me, frustrating [at] times, but is acceptable. However, being harassed and intimidated is not. We, after all, we’re elected by the majority! Our employees suffer every day because of the detrimental comments made by certain residents.

The water fiasco over the past five years is now solely the fault of the current council, but the system has always needed consistent proper upkeep, but because, heaven forbid taxes go up, the status quo was acceptable to the previous council and the work was not done"

This same lack of vision repeats itself on our roads and all infrastructures; again the key was to keep taxes low. I believe that all citizens, no matter who they are, should be treated with fairness; I believe in freedom of speech and opinion, however I also believe in respect and facts and truth. We will lose more good employees because of the constant criticisms they face everyday.

For the record I did abstain and will not be intimidated or harassed.

Coun. Maureen Rice

Low, QC


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