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  • Nikki Mantell

Fun and games until someone loses a kid

This week, we took a deeper look into a disturbing incident involving a teenager’s arrest after brandishing an airsoft pistol at the Wakefield community centre. We wanted to clear up the confusion about the regulations around these types of air guns and what is considered an appropriate response by police. It’s been a controversial issue, to say the least.

Incidents that involve kids’ problematic, unsupervised use of BB or air guns are not uncommon. A few weeks ago we reported on a pair of teens who were charged by police after threatening some younger kids with a pellet gun outside an elementary school in Cantley. In a Cantley community Facebook discussion group, an outraged woman recently posted a photo she took from her car (faces blurred out) of two young-looking kids in their yard pointing real-looking guns straight at her. One reader let us know about some kids recently using BB guns in Edelweiss to shoot at a Hydro-Quebec worker while working up on a Hydro pole.

Fortunately, no one has gotten hurt so far, but we have to count our lucky stars. Anyone who tunes into the national news knows that if the Wakefield centre incident had happened in downtown Detroit or Toronto, it just might have ended in tragedy.