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Gambling on Low’s future

The Editor,

“In gambling, the many must lose in order that the few may win” – George Bernard Shaw Mining claims are a numbers game for junior mining companies like Brunswick Exploration. The free-entry mining system and the government’s green economy plan keep the barriers low and the interest high. Unfortunately, any mining activity puts the long-term future of the lands, the waters and the people in the Township of Low and neighbouring communities at risk.

Mr. Charles, CEO of Brunswick, tells Low Down readers that a mining claim, 99.99 per cent of the time – that’s a real statistic, he says – simply does not contain anything of interest, thus minimizing the likelihood of any sustained mining activity here (“Mining CEO plans on Low visit to address concerns,” Feb. 14 edition).

However his company’s website, targeted to an investor audience, pitches a strategy of aggressively and systematically conducting grassroots exploration for lithium in Canada and identifies hard rock mining through blasting and crushing as its method of choice.

Any good risk assessment exercise considers not only the likelihood of something happening but its potential impact. While the odds may be slim, the impact of open pit mining in the Gatineau Hills would be overwhelming, and would significantly change this community’s character traditionally shaped by agriculture, recreation and nature.

Long after Brunswick Exploration and its partners have extracted their profit from mining activity, the environmental, social and economic impacts on people, lands and waters in the Township of Low and neighbouring municipalities would affect the area for generations.

Mr. Charles’ job is to extract value for his company’s shareholders. 

Our citizen’s committee is committed to supporting and protecting this community and will continue to work with others to ensure that there be no mining activity here without social acceptability.

Maureen McEvoy

Ward  3 councillor

Low, QC


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