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Halloween — yes or no?

Chelsea Elementary's split Grade 4/5 teacher Jen Bardell asked her class to tackle the most hotly debated holiday conundrum for a writing assignment. Below are two writing samples from students in her class.

Why we should not cancel Halloween

The Editor,

I strongly believe that Halloween should not be canceled because first, it is a tradition for a lot of people. Second, there are ways of minimizing the spread. Third, kids are supposed to have fun and trick-or-treating is fun.

First, Halloween is a tradition for many people. It is very important for children, especially little children to learn how to be social. Do you really want your children to be glued to a screen for 100 per cent of the time and never socialize! Do you really want that?

Second, there are ways of minimizing the spread. Like making a contraption. For example, three days before Halloween, the people giving out candy put the candy in some bags and when Halloween comes with all of the people, the people put their bag at the door and walk 10 steps back. Then the people handing out candy open the bag and just let the candy drop!

Third, most costumes already have masks and gloves. Like the batman costume!

And for these reasons, I think that Halloween should not be canceled or even postponed. Can you imagine how mad your children would be and how much candy they would make you buy if they hear any devastating news about Halloween being canceled!

Masa Cirovic

Grade 4, Chelsea Elementary

Cancel Halloween

The Editor,

I think canceling Halloween is the right thing to do.

I feel that you will be a lot safer at home than trick-or-treating. For example, there are so many kids in Chelsea, it’s impossible to socially distance.

It is important to realize you’ll be touching wrappers, door bells, doors and door handles and there would be so many people. Do you want to risk the lives of your friends and family just over a treat that you can get at the store anytime?

Think about this: if the person who is handing out candy has COVID, you could then be spreading it to every other house that you visit and every other person who visits that house can also get it. And if a trick-or-treater has COVID, he or she could be passing the virus along to everyone else they visit.

This is why Halloween should be canceled.

Lukas Manning

Grade 5, Chelsea Elementary


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