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Healthcare failing us in the Hills

The Editor,

I just got back from an appointment with a family doctor in Wakefield, which we got through the Primary Care Access Point, known as GAP, through 811. We have no family doctor at the moment and have been in that long queue for more than two years now. At the end of the visit, I asked – knowing the answer – if the doctor could take us on. She shook her head sadly and said, “No.” Then she told us that three doctors were retiring at her clinic [which would] send something like 6,000 people back on the list, and the province has not prepared for that. She also told us that the GAP program is ending at the end of May and that she wasn’t sure what the province would do with all of us waiting on that list. 

This is terrifying. Not only do we have next to no hope of getting a doctor in the foreseeable future, but we are also now going to be in complete no man’s land if this GAP program is kaput! What do we do? My immediate thought was to call 811 and try to get an appointment to see a doctor before the end of May, even if I didn’t need to.

And then I thought, write to the Low Down and suggest that all of us, GAP and orphelines – because that’s what we are called if we don’t have a doctor in the Quebec healthcare system – call 811 this month and inundate their lines to get appointments as fast as we can before the end of May! Show them that we are in need, that we are in trouble and that healthcare is failing in the Hills.

Toni Ellwand

Chelsea, QC


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