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Hoping speed limit on Hwy 105 ‘remains unchanged’

The Editor,

I do not want the speed limit on Hwy 105 north of Scott Road to be reduced.

I have accessed my home from Hwy 105 for 55 years. Before Hwy 5 was opened, the speed limit was 90 km/h and, with so many vehicles, there were accidents — especially Sunday nights when people were returning from their cottages. Now, with less traffic, the current speed limit of 70 km/h seems very appropriate.

There have been developments accessing the highway for years without an issue. Why would the Highlands development be any different? I enter the golf club parking [lot] every day for my mail — again, never an issue. The 70 km/h speed limit should remain on Hwy 105 and should be enforced. I often see police cars on the road and seldom see cars speeding. In addition, I believe that lowering the limit below what is sensible may allow drivers' attention to wander — that would be dangerous.

I avoid Chelsea already due to the 50 km/h limit north of the village and the ludicrous three- way stop sign on Hwy 105 south of Scott Road, which annoys me every time I pass it. I would go north either to Wakefield or to access the Hwy 5 to head for Gatineau or Ottawa, avoiding Chelsea. At the developments along 105, there should be a stop on the road coming into the high- way, not on the highway itself, as there is insufficient traffic from the developments to warrant it.

I sincerely hope good sense will prevail and the speed limit will remain unchanged.

Catherine Pawley

Chelsea, QC


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