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I’ll have the slamon, please!

The Editor,

Slamon on the Mene! Wow! (“Slamon on the Mene for Meals on Wheels”, March 13 edition). These words sound so good together. They are so satisfying to say over and over, as if they herald some deeply, meaningful philosophical truth. But I soon suspected it might be a typo – or two – but how? This is the Low Down! A veritable bastion of grammatical integrity and spelling perfection! Say it isn't so! Or is it April 1 already? 

Andrew Wallace

Chelsea, QC

Editor’s note / Correction / Contest

Har, har. Yes, while we do try to live up to our reputation as a bastion of spelling perfection (ahem), we certainly did miss the mark here. While mistakes are no joke, and there is no excuse for such errors, we do admit the duress of an earlier deadline imposed upon us by our printer sometimes takes its toll. How can we make it up to you, dear reader? Why, with a contest! The first person who emails us the correct version of the ‘Slamon on the mene’ headline earns themself a copy of our “Worst Joke of the Week” book. Send to:


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