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Investing in Chelsea soccer infrastructure

Soccer Chelsea, the beloved soccer club of the Chelsea community for many years, joined forces with the Soccer Des Collines club in the summer of 2019.

What remained was a fund, which had accumulated as part of the Soccer Chelsea’s long-term plan to help improve soccer infrastructure in Chelsea. The fund was amassed over many years through part of the registration fee, which all players paid, as well as profits from endeavours such as tournaments and summer camps.

Ultimately, the reason it was possible to accumulate such significant funding was because of Soccer Chelsea’s fantastic volunteer base. For decades the only paid positions in the club were a part-time technical director and youth referees. Volunteers fulfilled all other roles, including leadership, administration, skill development and coaching.

Throughout the past decade, Chelsea’s soccer community has invested over $175,000 to improve soccer fields, which leveraged an additional $115,000 federal grant. These investments focused primarily on the installation of field lights and enlarging one of the main fields, as well as numerous more modest contributions to upgr