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  • Trevor Greenway

Kaz mayor hopefuls in four-way fight for Kaz seat

Revitalizing the village a key election issue

There’s one accomplishment Robert Bergeron is highlighting during his campaign for Kazabazua mayor: the one or so acres of waterfront land he and his outgoing council secured along the Gatineau River that will be converted into a public boat launch and floating wharf next summer.

It’s a huge win for not only Bergeron but for many of his constituents as well, as public access to water in the municipality – or lack thereof – has been one of the biggest issues facing the community over the past several years.

“We’re quite excited,” admitted Bergeron, who is just wrapping up his first term as Kazabazua mayor. “Finally, we are going to be able to offer some activities to our citizens with our river here. It will be fantastic.”