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Keeping river access in Chelseathe way things are is ‘untenable’

The Editor,

A review of the comments by Chelsea citizens on access to the Gatineau River reveals deep divisions within the community.

Granted, the issues are complex. However, viewed simply, there are those who believe that accessible, equitable, and respectful access to the Gatineau River should be a municipal priority, while others seek little deviation from the status quo, wherein access to the river is restricted to those fortunate enough to live by its shore. This is not about de-privileging a few, but of the right of a majority to access public lands.

There is no lack of original ideas on the consultation site, especially from those seeking to maintain the status quo: “The municipality should provide a public, supervised swimming/ wave pool near the Meredith Centre,” or “If folks want swimming so much, give them a swimming pool with river water,” (shades of “Let them eat cake?”) and one suggestion is a large