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  • Anna Robertson

Know where your English eligibility certificate is?

Your kids may have attended English school in Quebec for years, but come June 2023, they will have to provide their certificate of eligibility at English CEGEPs.

Accessing an English public-school education in Quebec has presented challenges to the minority anglophone community ever since Bill 101 was passed in 1977. Proving eligibility to access an English education has been a requirement since that time, and school-age children who attend schools in the Western Quebec School Board (WQSB) have always had to prove their eligibility for an education in English.

Recent changes announced by the Quebec ministry of education will now also require CEGEP students in the province to produce evidence that they are eligible for an English education, explains director general of Heritage College, Terry Kharyati.

Students who have been attending a school in the WQSB, which is 45 per cent of Heritage’s population, have nothing to worry about in terms of their eligibility, said Kharyati, but they will still need to provide their certificate. Eligibility requirements for receiving a certificate are outlined on the Quebec ministry of education website and include children whose father or mother did the major part of their elementary studies in English in Canada.

“If you are anything like me,” Khariyati said, “your kids are eligible for English education, but you might have no idea where the copy of your certificate is.”

“For us, right now,” said Kharyati, “the big message to get out to our potential students currently in Grade 11 is, if you are eligible for English-speaking schooling, you need t