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La Maison des Collines turns five

La Maison des Collines, which can be translated as “House of the Hills,” has helped more than 400 people spend "the last moments of their lives" as comfortably as possible. 


“I think a lot of people hear about La Maison des Collines without exactly knowing what it is,” says Maison des Collines Director-general Logan Vaillant. “And we say we do palliative care and life support. But until you hear the impact that actually has on people's lives, I think it's a very foreign concept.”


He says that for those who have never experienced the death of loved ones, it can be hard to understand the importance of having “the last moments of their lives be as comfortable as possible.”

The palliative care home, which has six private beds for patients, is turning five-years-old this month and is hosting a big party May 10 to say thanks to its supporters over the past half-decade. 

“Naturally, we want to celebrate the fact that we turned five, and we want to thank everyone who's been involved,” says Vaillant. “And part of it is also because we want to show people what their contributions go towards.”

The Wakefield palliative care home has been a saving grace for some families struggling to care for their ailing and aging relatives, according to Vaillant. The home offers 24-hour care through a team of doctors, social workers, nurses, caregivers, care volunteers and support staff who work in unison to keep their patients comfortable as they near the end of their lives. Loved ones are also warmly welcomed into the home and cared for by the support team, according to Vaillant. More than 400 patients have spent their final days at La Maison. 


Some staff and volunteers will be speaking at the event to give a bit of history of the centre and tell the community “why we're grateful that we are so supported,” explains Vaillant.In the end, Vaillant says they will honour “a very special guest” and have a surprise for the community that he wouldn’t reveal. 


“The community center can receive up to 250 people,” says Vaillant. “I'm hoping we get between 100 to 150.”


The event is also another chance to sign up to become one of the volunteers at La Maison des Collines.


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