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Long live Low Down Nation

It was the party of the century – or at least, the half century.

By all accounts the Low Down’s 50th birthday bash was a smashing success that checked all the right boxes.

Did we pack the house at Vorlage? Yes. Were we wowed by a top-notch funk band? Yes! Did we rock the dance floor so hard that people were literally jumping up and down? Oh yah! Did we have an all-round fantastic time? Hell yes, and then some!

And when I say “we” I mean “we.” Yes, this event marked the 50-year anniversary of this feisty and family-owned local paper – a real achievement in this day and age – but the celebration was about more than just the newspaper.

The readers, the subscribers, the local businesses who advertise and the community at large – we are celebrating all of you as well. Because, really, the Low Down is a reflection of the Gatineau Hills. Your stories are our stories – literally. If the Low Down is special – and we think we are kind of special – it’s because there is no other community like the Gatineau Hills. And we consider ourselves very darn fortunate to be covering such a smart, quirky, eclectic, dynamic, and involved community.

Many people commented on all the super-sized photos and articles we used to paper the walls and windows of Vorlage for the party. “I remember that!”; “Hey, that’s me;” “That's our neighbour!” So many memories, so many smiles.

Perhaps what is most gratifying about our Saturday event was the feedback we’ve received in the days following. People used words like “reunion,” “great vibes” or “a coming-together of locals.”

There was a lot of love in the room that night, and to say this publisher’s heart swelled would be an understatement. (It might also be mentioned that her head and feet are still swelling days later, but that’s to be expected.) The news business can be a tough gig; the Low Down team does not take any of those smiles and cheers for granted.

Thank you, Gatineau Hills, for celebrating this major milestone with us. Vive the Low Down!


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