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Lost a saw, gained generosity

Left, Ken Bouchard, Sentiers Wakefield Trails president, with Louis Charles Touchet, a partner at Wakefield sur le Golf Development. Photo courtesy Ken Bouchard

The Editor,

A month ago, on one of the hottest days of the summer, I left my locked car and went off to a meeting about the Wakefield Trails. Twenty minutes later, I was back at the car parked in front of The Low Down office. I opened the car … Where is my chainsaw?! A back window had been slightly left open. I guess that was just enough to tempt somebody to ‘borrow’ the saw. A note was put in our local news outlets, but to no avail. One small consolation — the thief would have to go out and buy a battery charger, as it was an electric saw.

A couple weeks later I got an email from an unknown source: “Did you get your chainsaw back?” “Unfortunately not and I really miss it!” I replied. An answer came back: “Our company, in appreciation for all the work Wakefield Trail does, would like to give you a replacement saw.” Wow! I almost fell off my chair.

In the last 18 months, we have had some generosity sent our way. Residents of Wakefield have donated over $15,000 to help us with the Louis Rompre Trail — and now this present!

The good Lord must like our trail work.

To the team at Wakefield sur le Golf, thank you so very much.

Ken Bouchard

Wakefield, QC

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