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Low Down up for 20 awards

The local paper for the Hills may be small, but it sure is mighty.

Proof that its award-worthy journalism and advertisements leave lasting impressions on readers, the Low Down is up for 20 awards at the 2022 Better Newspaper Competition.

Awards will be distributed at the annual Quebec Community Newspapers Association (QCNA) ceremony in September in Montreal. Representing 30 newspapers across Quebec, the QCNA advocates for quality English-language reporting.

QCNA shortlisted the paper for a photo, writing, advertising, and page-design awards.

Former Low Down reporter, Stuart Benson is considered for the Best Environmental Story award and Best Business Column or Feature award. The QCNA also considered senior reporter Hunter Cresswell for four awards including, Best Feature Series, Best Agricultural Story, Best Sports Photo and Best Column Writing — an award for which regular contributor Julien Dionne is also considered.

Low Down editor Trevor Greenway is up for six awards this year. His work is considered for the Best Editorial Page, Best News Story, Best Feature Story, Best Municipal/Civic Affairs Story, Best News Photo, and Best Photo Essay awards.

Nikki Mantell, the Low Down's publisher, is up for the Jim Bell Award for Best Editorial (local affairs).

The paper is also shortlisted for the Best Ad, Best Community Newspaper Promotion, and Best Headlines.

For a complete list of awards, visit the QCNA website:


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