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Low is ‘out of control’

The Editor,

The mayor of Low and councillor Ghyslain Robert seem to feel that the majority of citizens want higher-than-average-tax increases for more services. And the citizens are going to get them in short order. The MRC, with Low’s Mayor Carole Robert a member, has voted for an average 17 per cent MRC tax increase upon its 17 municipalities for 2023. Its budget growth is out of control. The new average property assessment value for Low residents is up 40 per cent. Councillors Mayer, Angus, McEvoy and the mayor outvoted the others to force door-to-door composting upon residents. Garbage taxes may double. They admitted that they do not know garbage reduction tonnage objectives nor the cost impact upon a resident. Ignorant voting. A much cheaper home-composting program was scoffed at. Taxpayers will also have to pay for garbage police, who the mayor threatened would be engaged if people do not comply. Over 150 farm land residents and others who compost at home will be forced to share the high compost pick-up costs. Zero concern for taxpayer’s ability to pay.

Tax collection is out of control. A record level of $500,000 of unpaid taxes for our little town remains unpaid as of November at an interest rate of 15 per cent. The mayor and some councillors seem to feel strongly that this is not a matter of [an] inability to pay, but rather plain delinquency. About 85 per cent of taxes are paid by installments, another sign of unaffordability. Unlike for other municipalities at this time of year, council was unable to provide an estimate of the 2022 surplus amount. Several years ago, an employee of the municipality was accused of defrauding the municipality of money. The mayor will not reveal the amount of loss nor the status of the court case.

The mayor accused me of harassment for asking questions. Low’s council has an open door to deliver high tax increases. Taxpayers ignore all of this and do not show up at public council meetings.

Steve Connolly

Low, QC

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