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  • Trevor Greenway

Medieval village coming to Farm Point

GOTCHA!!! Happy April Fool's Day everyone!!!

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Chelsea will see 20 acres of land in Farm Point transformed into a so-called “Medieval Village” as a way of tackling the region’s affordable housing problem.

Chelsea landowner Kitty Green is developing her land on Carman Road adjacent to the Gatineau River into 32 “mini-plots” to accommodate the development of what is being called the Bordar’s Borough Medieval Village. She says it’s a win for everyone to provide off-the-grid homes at an unbeatable price.

“I was tired of hearing the government talk and talk and talk about affordable housing, so I decided to design my own community,” said Green, who would technically be the “baroness” or general steward of the village. “My granddaughter has been struggling to find a place to live for months while she goes to school. She still hasn’t found a spot. She’s living in my basement.”