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  • Hunter Cresswell

Moms question police response to air gun incident

On Nov. 7 around 9 p.m., a Gatineau Hills mother got the call that would worry any parent: one from the cops to say they had detained their kid. Luckily, the MRC des Collines Police officer assured her that her 13-year-old child wasn’t in trouble, but needed to be picked up from the Centre Wakefield-La Pêche immediately.

The mother lives outside of Wakefield, so when she arrived at the community centre about 20 minutes after that call, she was shocked to see her child still detained in handcuffs, despite not being “in trouble” nor found to be in possession of alcohol, drugs or weapons.

She and another Gatineau Hills mother have questioned the officers’ use of force when responding to the incident earlier this month at the community centre. Since both their children are minors who were involved in the incident, their names are being left out of this report. For clarity, the mother mentioned first will be mother 1 in this story and the other will be mother 2.