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MP Will Amos attends Question Period without being fully briefed

By Stuart Benson

Will Amos, member of Parliament for Pontiac, is apologizing after he was caught naked on candid-zoom-camera during a hybrid parliamentary session on April 14.

In the video, Amos is seen fully nude - but for a fortuitously well-placed cell phone in what appears to be his home office, flanked by both the Canadian and Quebec flags. The video appeared on a feed available only to MPs and House of Commons staff, separate from the public feed which can be viewed on channels like CSPAN and C-PAC.

The image was quickly shared on social media and with political reporters after Bloc Québécois MP Claude DeBellefeuille raised the issue on a point of order with the Speaker of the House of Commons following question period.

In a statement, Amos said the incident was an “honest mistake.”

"My video was accidentally turned on as I was changing into my work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintentional distraction. Obviously, it was an honest mistake and it won't happen again," Amos wrote.

According to the ‘House of Commons Procedure and Practice’, there is no specific dress code required in the House, but Speakers have ruled that to be recognized to speak, all MPs must be dressed in contemporary business attire.


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