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MRC Police: Be patient with our dispatchers and officers

Press release from the MRC des Collines Police:

The Public Security Service of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais greatly sympathises with all the citizens regarding the exceptional COVID-19 situation and understands that the confinement of regions, travel restrictions as well as the social restriction rules implemented by the Government of Quebec to preserve public health are undoubtedly changing our lifestyle habits. We also know that these elements can cause stress, anxiety and frustration to the citizens. Know that since the beginning of this crisis, we have put into place several adapted and accessible measures aimed at providing all the information and support necessary in order to keep you well informed. For more than 40 days, our dedicated and professional personnel receive, on a daily basis, a considerable number of calls regarding the COVID-19, and this in addition to their daily work. Your support of our staff is, therefore, essential in order to achieve our goals. That is why we ask for your full cooperation in terms of verbal respect when communicating with us and that any aggressiveness towards our employees will not be tolerated. This request for verbal respect also applies to all our police officers who are assigned to roadblocks and who, on a daily basis, are subjected to mood swings of motorists exasperated by this situation. Our officers also understand your situation and greatly sympathise with you. Thank you for your understanding and support. We are there for you at all times, and this in respect to our organisational values which are dedication, courage, integrity and professionalism. Everything will be all right!


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