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Much to say about Pontiac Kitigan Zibi

The Editor,

For anyone who knows me, to imply that I do not have much to say is a first! Yet, in a recent article profiling my candidacy for the Conservative nomination, there was a notable absence of key issues in my platform (“A ‘true Conservative’ who wouldn’t say much,” April 24 edition). Allow me to shed light on my platform that speaks directly to the concerns raised by residents of Pontiac Kitigan Zibi.

Rural internet access, housing challenges, infrastructure deficiencies and tax burdens on small businesses and families are top-of-mind for residents and myself. I am committed to finding viable solutions for the people of Pontiac Kitigan Zibi.

In addition to these key issues, my platform also encompasses broader policy initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth, promoting job creation and ensuring government fiscal responsibility. Every aspect of my platform is geared towards improving the lives of residents in our community.

The campaign for the Conservative nomination progresses, and it is exciting that the choice of who will be the Conservative candidate is yours! I am eager to continue engaging with constituents and amplifying the points of our discussion that were not covered in the article. It’s imperative that we address your concerns and issues. 

I believe I can be the candidate that can make meaningful progress and prosperity for all Pontiac Kitigan Zibi residents. You can learn more about making that difference at

Mark Buzan, 

Conservative nomination candidate for Pontiac Kitigan Zibi

Gatineau, QC


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