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  • Nikki Mantell

NCC payback? How about not paying?

Chelsea taxpayers are fuming at the National Capital Commission for its brazen tax dodge — and rightly so. Anybody who has driven the deteriorating roads pummelled daily by city traffic to Gatineau Park parking lots knows that Chelsea – forced to pay the resulting huge repair bills – has been on the losing end of the stick for years.

The fact that the NCC is choosing to drag its feet, even after the dispute advisory panel’s recommendation to pay up, and instead “study” the situation (read: buy more time to avoid paying) just adds insult to injury. The previous CEO of the NCC said it would respect the panel’s decision — so there’s no excuse for this backtracking.

Mayor Caryl Green said Chelsea is prepared to take the fight to the next step, federal court, if forced — and kudos to Chelsea for standing up for its taxpayers.

But letting the lawyers fight it out in court is a dry affair, not to mention an expensive one.