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Need solutions for abandoned oil

The Editor,

On the week of Jan. 24, while travelling through Gatineau Park on Notch Road for our weekly family commute to Wakefield, I noticed a few oil containers on the side of the road. On Jan. 31, after passing about four or five times, I decided to pull over and pick these containers up and transport them for safe disposal to the Canadian Tire location on Boulevard des Grives at du Plateau. 

The Canadian Tire has recently made changes to how citizens can drop off their used oil and residues: [people] can no longer place these materials outside. They are required to go inside and speak with the attendant at the auto service desk to ask permission to bring any residues back. I was then informed that there is a five-litre maximum volume of material that can be brought per visit by a customer. I mentioned to the attendant that I had about 50 litres of material. The attendant advised me that I would have to bring these materials to the eco-centre located at 860 Boul. de la Carrière.

After looking at the Ville de Gatineau webpage, I noticed the eco-centre wasn’t accessible to citizens during the weekday. The eco-centre is accessible to citizens Monday to Friday, 6 to 8:45 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., which would require me to either drive these materials around with me all day or transport and unload these materials back home only to reload them later that day to transport them to the eco-centre for the short period of time that it is open. After convincing the attendant at Canadian Tire and mentioning I found these materials in the Gatineau Park (with pictures) they decided to accept the materials. 

After this, I created a few Facebook posts to see what the local residents thought about it. I also reached out to the Ville de Gatineau 311. Their response: “Unfortunately, it is not up to the city of Gatineau to manage this type of situation beyond the limits of its territory.” I sent out further requests to the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais, Municipality de Chelsea and the National Capital Commission (NCC) for Gatineau Park – all had responded that this is not on their territory. The response from the MRC des Collines-de- l’Outaouais suggested that I could bring these materials to the transfer station located at 28 Chem. de la Pêche, Val-des-Monts. I sent a response back to the MRC des Collines, stating I could not bring these materials to the centre because I am a registered resident of Gatineau. 

I will be following up with the Ville de Gatineau this week. I look forward to engaging the community of Wakefield and Chelsea to develop a solution of local drop-off locations for these types of materials and would appreciate any feedback and support for this initiative.

Myles Jones

Wakefield, QC

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