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  • Madeline Kerr

Now, for some paw-sitive news…

A Wakefielder who recently rescued an abandoned cat on Burnside Drive says that the cat has been happily rehomed and that, contrary to some online speculation, this kitty was not Titan, the unofficial “Mayor of Wakefield”, as he’s known to locals. 

Dylan Rollo was driving to work on the morning of April 23 when he spotted a crate on the side of the road at the bottom of Vorlage Heights, near the hospital. He pulled over and could see that the crate door was opened, and a cat was curled up inside with a plate of wet cat food. He said that a bowl of dry food had also been placed outside the crate. 

“Automatically, I thought this was a dump,” Rollo told the Low Down, explaining that it looked like someone had purposefully abandoned the cat there. 

“The cat wasn’t moving at first, so I wasn’t sure if it was injured, but when I got a good look, it seemed to be super healthy,” he explained. 

He said the cat was an adult, although he couldn’t tell if it was male or female, and it didn’t appear malnourished or harmed in any way. 

Rollo took a photo of the cat in its crate and posted it on social media to see if anyone had more information. 

He brought it with him to work and set it up in a quiet space, where he said it immediately seemed more relaxed. 

He also called around to see if any animal protection services could look after it. Since 2021, the SPCA, an organization that offers a range of services for specific animals, does not have a contract with the municipality of La Pêche and won’t take care of stray cats found in the region. 

Rollo said he called another company but was told that it only looks after dogs. 

Meanwhile, Rollo’s post on the Facebook group Wakefield Folks garnered a lot of attention, with many speculating the cat might be Titan, a well-known outdoor cat that has roamed the village for years and is taken care of by a number of locals. 

Titan has even been dubbed by some as the “Mayor of Wakefield”. 

“Titan is definitely an outdoor cat,” Rollo said, “and this cat was not leaving the crate, so right away, it seemed like an indoor cat to me.” 

Despite similar markings, he said he’s confident that this cat is not Titan, and Wakefield’s “mayor” remains on the streets where he is happiest. 

Milena Fusco, another local, posted online that she had also seen the crate very early that same morning and took a photo, which she shared. In the photo, it’s clear there were two cats inside the crate. No one seems to know what became of the second cat.

La Pêche’s feral cat population has been worrying locals for years. 

Although hard to know for sure, some have speculated that there are hundreds living in colonies throughout the municipality. 

Feral cats can reproduce in high numbers very quickly and can wreak havoc on local ecosystems by poaching a large number of birds and rodents. Last fall, a group of concerned citizens launched a petition titled, “Find a solution to the feral cat population in La Pêche”, which has garnered 4,756 signatures to date. Luckily for the cat that Rollo found – which didn’t appear to be feral – there was a speedy solution.

“A good friend of mine has wanted a cat for a while, so I told them about it, and they came by that evening, and the cat is rehomed at their place.”

Although still a little skittish – understandably, he said, considering the ordeal it went through – “the cat’s doing great,” according to Rollo. 

Because the cat was found on the night of a full moon, Rollo’s friend has decided to call it Moon. Rollo said he’s happy to see the cat find a good home. 

“All in all, pretty good work for a day,” he added, laughing. 


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