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Party at Farm Point

The Editor,

I spent 30 minutes on Easter Monday collecting trash from the shoulder of the [Hwy] 5 northbound on-ramp at Farm Point. That act of redemption – meted out over 50 metres – yielded 15 plastic water bottles, 62 non-alcoholic drink cans (eg., Coke, V8) and 72 alcoholic drink cans. WTF?

I've got four conclusions: 1) Some folks using that on-ramp are litterbugs; 2) apparently, almost half of them drive while consuming alcohol — oh joy; 3) that said, they're coherent and smart enough to ditch the evidence before accelerating to the speed limit or so; 4) largely beer drinkers, they have a surprisingly diverse, mostly domestic palate.

As evidence, here's the cultural variety: 24 Bud Light (three tall boys, one giant tall boy, one Chelada); seven Coors Light (one tall boy); two Smirnoff Encore Berry Blast; one Simple Malt Sorbet; three Beach Day Every Day Malt; three Busch Ice; five White Claw Hard Seltzer (two pineapple, one lemon, one mango, one natural lime); one Michelob Ultra; four Pabst Blue Ribbon (one strong beer); three Corona Extra; one Belle Gueule; nine Budweiser; one Blue Dry (giant tall boy); one Kilkenny; two Sleeman (one original draught, one clear 2.0); one Somersby Apple Flavoured Cider; one Poppers Hard Ice (lemon and lime); and one Palm Bay Tropix Rainbow Twist. Special mention is reserved for the lone Sleeman's bottle (twist top) and a (nearly drained) 750 ml bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Kent Prior

Chelsea, QC


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