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Petitioning NCC board for ‘taxation fairness’

The Editor,

Open letter from Chelsea taxpayers to the National Capital Commission board chair, Marc Seaman and directors.

The NCC has refused to pay their independently assessed tax bill in all municipalities that host the Gatineau Park. Chelsea and the MRC des Collines have been resoundingly vindicated in this land valuation dispute by the independent dispute arbitration process set out by the Government of Canada. Still, we wait for the NCC to pay its fair share in our community.

On July 1, the NCC will make a final tax instalment (PILT) for 2021 based on its own analysis of the federal Dispute Advisory Panel findings rather than accepting the recommendations of that panel. Chelsea municipality and its residents have sent complaints about this posturing to Minister [of Public Services and Procurement Anita] Anand, requesting that she intervene and direct the NCC to pay what they have been found to owe, as former CEO Mark