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  • Stuart Benson

Pint-sized podcasters interview PM's head chef

By Stuart Benson

When life gave them self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wakefield sisters nine-year-old Scout and seven-year-old Beatrix started their own ‘Banana Phone’ podcast to keep in touch with old friends and learn something from new ones.

With help from their creative producer, editor, director and mother Ilka de Laat, and their technical producer and father Joe Wenkoff, both of whom have spent most of their careers in television and production, the girls have already released four episodes of their podcast on Spotify.

“My husband and I have worked in television mostly for our careers but this is our first time podcasting,” said de Laat. “The majority of my husband's career has been in post-production for television and commercials, so we have a background in audiovisual.”

De Laat said they already had most of the equipment from working with local bands to produce music videos and were already subscribed to Adobe, which meant all that was left to do was transform their garage into a podcast studio for Scout and Beatrix.