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Reilly to the rescue!

The Editor,

On Friday, Nov. 10, at around 11 a.m., I was driving on Hwy 5 to the cottage at George Lake, near Danford Lake. Between Chemin Cross Loop and River Road, we had a flat tire. My husband is handicapped, so he couldn't do anything to help. I called CAA but had trouble getting a connection. Then, they indicated it would take some time to get through to a Quebec location.

So I got out and stood in the rain to try to flag down a car to find out if there was a nearby garage we could call. It seemed as though hundreds of cars passed by at top speed. I was almost in panic mode when a car finally pulled over. I told the driver the situation and hoped he could suggest a local garage. To my surprise, he went over to our car, opened the back, wrestled out the spare and tools and proceeded to change the tire. He wouldn't accept payment, but I forced it on him!

Turns out, he was a young man named Reilly (spelling?) from Gatineau, who was driving to Wakefield. I was so appreciative of his spontaneous action! There is some compassion left in this world. Kudos to Reilly!

Barbara Evans

Ottawa, ON


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