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Restrictions and road blocks

Am I in MRC des Collines or MRC la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau?

This is what I ask myself now that we have roadblocks everywhere preventing us from traveling from one MRC to another. I pay my municipal taxes to the Low Municipality which is MRC la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau yet my mailing address on lac Sinclair is Duclos, La Pêche which is MRC des Collines. Because my mailing address is in La Pêche, I cannot drive to Low. where is the logic here? Therefore, this also prevents me from picking up my mail since I reside in Low yet my mailbox is about 100 feet past the Low border in La Pêche. Confused? No more than I am.

And when it comes to municipal elections, in which municipality should I be casting my vote? Where I pay my municipal taxes in Low or according to my mailing address in La Pêche?

Currently the Quebec government no longer considers us, in Lac Sinclair, citizens of the Low or even of La Pêche Municipality since our postal address is in Duclos, La Pêche and our residence is in Low. As you may or may not know, several citizens of our neighborhoods including myself have already been stopped by the police in our own municipality.

We have no recourse other than denouncing loud and clear that our government will continue, to the pleasure of the police, to harass us because our addresses have been forced by the government and that the government does not want to admit their mistake. Jocelyne Alain Lac Sinclair Association President


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