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Rossy to open in Farm Point

Opening day is fast approaching for the latest Rossy store located in the old IGA building at Farm Point. Rossy will be open for business March 30.

Set-up for the 15,000-square-foot department store started Feb. 20 and owner Mark Rossy said, “If anybody wants to come and bring their CVs over to the store, there will be people there happy to meet you.” He added that he is hoping to hire 10 to 15 employees from the Hills to help operate the business.

The new Rossy is one of 84 stores located in Ontario, Quebec, and throughout the maritimes. The business prides itself on being “a family-owned, Canadian department store,” said Rossy. “You could move into an apartment tomorrow and I can supply everything except for major appliances,” he explained.

There are three existing Rossy locations in the area – Gatineau, Aylmer and Maniwaki – but for those unfamiliar with the brand, “think Giant Tiger with fewer groceries and more houseware,” explained Rossy, listing sheets, pillows, socks and shoes, furniture, snacks, and basic electronics among the items the store carries.

He said the price point is “affordable” but with a range of options, including some “higher end” items.

When asked about the new Farm Point location, Rossy said, “The opportunity came up. We saw that there is a growing population in the area, and we want to grow with the community. We’re hoping the people accept us and we become their go-to neighbourhood store.”

Rossy is leasing the old IGA building across the street, which has been vacant since the new Famille Charles IGA opened in Farm Point in January 2020.

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