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Sharing tragedy will help others

The Editor,

It is beyond heart-wrenching and sad to read the story of Steven Young's suicide and the obvious anguish that his loving family and fiancée are experiencing (“Forever Young, Feb. 8 edition). As the Founder of Mind Ally, an Ottawa-based mental wellness charity, I see and hear far too many of these tragedies occurring across Canada and elsewhere, especially during these seemingly dark times.

I salute and honour the Low Down and Steven Young's family for graciously and caringly sharing this story. The willingness to share an often-hidden tragic event will touch more souls and help more people than you can imagine.

Mind Ally is currently working with an Ottawa-based initiative, Dare to be Vulnerable, by Susan Blain, [who is an] interviewer, storyteller and videographer, to do – in video – precisely what you have accomplished with your courageous sharing of this story in the Low Down.

With deep gratitude and best wishes to Mr. Young's family, fiancée and children.

Ray Folkins

Ottawa, ON


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